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Christmas Fizz Bath Bomb Bauble


Make your time in the tub extra festive with our Christmas Fizz Bath Bomb Bauble. Complete with a body-buffing bath lily, this fun, fizzing and fragrant bath bomb set is the perfect stocking-filler for those who like to soak and transform their bathroom into their private paradise. Supercharged with vibrant colours and fruity and creamy scents that will rejuvenate and revive body and mind, they’re the perfect way to relax and unwind all holiday season. Feel refreshed with floral Moringa and zesty Pink Grapefruit, or soothe the senses with creamy Coconut. Just drop it in, sit back and soak up those feel-good vibes.

Additional Details

- Moringa Bath Bubble 28g |Moringa Bath Bubble 28g |Coconut Bath Bubble 28g |Coconut Bath Bubble 28g |Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble 28g |Pink Grapefruit Bath Bubble 28g |Rainbow bath lily

1. Pick your favourite bath bomb (it’s always a tough call).
2. Get the taps running and hold it underneath until it starts to fizz and foam.
3. Let your bath treat work its magic.
4. Get in the tub, relax and let the festive fizz sink in.

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